Thirdeye Visionaries

We are a yogi couple that wholeheartedly try to manifest every aspect of our sanskrit names. Jyoti - Embodiment of Light - is a deeply reflective person who loves to shine his light on deep revelations, discuss and disect concepts, dream big and see beautiful things in every moment. He is very generous with sharing his insights and is a great guide when being on a spiritual path. Jyoti implements what he learns and tests theories and belief systems thoroughly , looking at things inside and out. Jyoti's mirror is Hansa - the Swan, remover of the bonds and attachments to ignorance - a nurturer and compassionate partner, friend, sister and light worker. Hansa teaches what she knows, always searching for more depth and experience, and finds it important to be a living example to the implementation of the yogic philosophy. She is 'good at' loosing herself in dedication to serving others, but also work a great deal with letting go of the ego and the identity...which is why life is the perfect arena for practice!

Be the light that you are searching for...

Together we make an awesome team who often laugh ourselves to sleep, who triggers the best in each other, who challenge and balance each other in a beautiful and evolving way. What we do is based in the philosophy of selfless service, seva, and we try our hardest to always navigate from the heart center. Yoga and meditation is the foundation of our practice, while arts, crafts, photography, gardening and writing are some of other means of expression. What we chose to do is based on level of inspiration and opportunity for growth, wanting to operate from no other place than the heart. We want to show people that it is the moment that makes one rich, this present moment, and that contentment (aka happiness) is something that is truly only generated from within. We, as visionaries, want to act as beautificators, help people see the bright side of life and see the diamonds that are hidden all around and within. We want to stretch boundaries and inspire people to find their own way.

Vision & Mission

The greatest changes we wish to see (and enVISION will happen!) during our lifetime is that everyone will reconnect with their hearts. It is so obvious how we all, as the human species, got off track by not living from the heart. Coming from the heart is the only way ahead and we believe that the day will come when we all truly operate from that space. A lot of people have not acknowledged in themselves where the missing link is. The lack of connection and deeper feeling of love. Our MISSION ties into that. We want to be facilitators for people to find their way back to their heart space, where there is no judgement and no separation. We want to help people get more balanced and in tune with their own inner calling. We want to inspire people in every way we can. We want to pop peoples bubble, inspire peace, and light the lamp of the heart in our fellow souls. We wish to see every thought, every action, every decision, every breath being completely conscious and heartfelt. Thirdeye Visionaries hope to serve you along your path towards inner peace and harmonious living. May all beings be happy! Om Shanti!  

You don’t need eyes to see, you need Vision

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