Hansa's Perspective

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Hansa's love for photography started as a little girl and has grown as the girl grew. Most of her photos reflect encounters and moments shared with people along her path. She has always wanted to capture and share glimpses of different people's realities, as a wish for a greater understanding and acceptance among humans toward each other. She tries to capture the essence, the light and the love...in people, in the stillness as well as movement, in all sacred moments of this life. Most of the pictures that you see here are raw images, unprocessed...


Baba in Rishikesh

Jyotiji, Holi Festival in Rishikesh, 2010

Amazing light!

Happy tribal woman in Rish

Bathing in the Ganga - Rishikesh

Women in Karnataka

Man outside one of the clinics we visited in Karnataka

Hydrabad Goddess

Hydrabad Woman

Hydrabad Woman


Hydrabad Woman

Garlic Woman

Hydrabad Family

Hydrabad Grandma

Hydrabad Grandma

Hyderabad Grandpa

Grandma and Ma


The Garlic family - three generations

The boys

Man in Kerala

Holi Festival in Rishikesh

Holi Festival in Rishikesh

Holi Festival in Rishikesh

Holi Festival in Rishikesh

Holi Man at Holi Fest - Rishikesh

Eyes of India

Man on the hillside - picture taken when climbing to Gautama Buddha's cave - outside Bodhgaya, Bihar

Man on the hillside - picture taken while climbing to Gautama Buddha's cave - outside of Bodhgaya, Bihar

Boy at Holi Fest - Rishikesh

Statue in the cave next to Gautama Buddha's cave, Bodhgaya, Bihar

Kumbh Mela 2012 - Hardiwar

Women waiting outside a clinic in Karnataka

Little one and Grandma

Little one and Grandma

Prayer flags on top of the mountain of Buddha's cave - Bodhgaya, Bihar

Old lady we met on our way to the top of the mountain - Gautama Buddha's cave, outside of Bodhgaya, Bihar

Learning early - outside of Bodhgaya, Bihar

Proud kiddos wanting to show their puppies - Bodhgaya, Bihar

Happy girl with puppy - Bodhgaya, Bihar

Such sparkle in this girl! - Bodhgaya, Bihar

I see you... 

Such light in this girl too!!!

Deep as the ocean, bright as the sun!

Under the Bodhi Tree - Bodhgaya, Bihar - an INCREDIBLE feeling to sit among the chanting monks during their evening prayers, sat there for hours and days on end, just enveloped in the vibes and the light. Can't describe it in words... So much gratitude for this existence! 

Random Places

The cycle of Life and the Life hereafter..

New Zealand

Jyoti, NZ, 2010

Life is Beautiful - NZ, 2010

Jyotiji in NZ, 2010

South Island Sunset, NZ, 2010

Jyoti in the Lupines, NZ, 2010

Jyotiji, NZ, 2010

Jyotiji, NZ, 2010

Sunset, New Zealand, 2010

NZ, 2010


Telluride Bluegrass Festival, 2010