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Artwork by Jyotiji

Visionary Fine Art  

On this website you will find fine art made by many different visionary artists from all over the world. Under each artist's separate page, listed under Global Visionaries, you will find glimpses of each individual artist's work. Also, visit our web shop to see what is available there. If you don't find the artist you are looking for in our web shop, go to their own official websites or web shops through their profile page. 

Please contact us for custom orders. Also, just a heads up, if you have a wall that you want painted, murals are one of Jyoti's passion!  

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Inspirational quote magnets

Inspirational stationery supplies - notebooks, magnets and cards!

On the picture, our popular quote magnets that comes in a pack of 6 magnets. The images are replicas of Jyoti's original artwork, portraying fellow inspirational visionaries. Great gift to family and friends!

We also carry beautiful yoga cards and notebooks with our own photography and yogis! The images on these items represents man meeting nature in a balanced and harmonious way. Follow the link to the web shop to see more of these items.

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No Mind Malas!

No Mind Malas

Prayer bead necklaces made with the intention to help you take a conscious leap out of your rational mind and back into your ever-expanding heart space. These malas are made in a loving and supportive atmosphere, with the intention to heal and nourish your body, mind and spirit.

The No Mind Malas are handmade and made of natural materials such as wood, seeds, bone, gemstones and lots of lovin! 

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A captured magic moment!

Photo Prints

On this website you will find several different portfolios, ranging from event photos, such as weddings and portraits, to documentary travel photography, nature and landscape etc. The list is long...

We can provide you with high quality prints, on paper stock or as canvas wrap. Find an image you like and let us know which size you would like, and we will provide you with pricing information asap.  

Please check out the portfolios under the Photography tab. 

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Handmade Cotton Yoga Mats & Bags

Handmade Cotton Yoga Mats & Bags

Beautiful yoga mats and bags, handmade in India, in all different chakra colors! Nourish your practice with a natural yoga mat, made with love and intention to support your spiritual journey.  

For quantity wholesale orders, please contact us at: thirdeyevisionaries@yahoo.com

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Conscious clothing and apparel

Clothing & Apparel

Over time you will find many unique pieces of clothing being born from the creativity of Thirdeye Visionaries! This summer our focus has been on yoga apparel such as eco-friendly tote bags with yoga related prints, but also unique Ridgway t-shirts, baseball tees and tote bags. We try our hardest to use eco-friendly materials and the printing process we use is completely eco-kind. If you see something you like, but don't find your size, please don't hesitate to communicate that to us through thirdeyevisionaries@yahoo.com, and we will do our best to accommodate for your size and likes.  

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For special and/or large quantity orders, please do not hesitate to contact us through thirdeyevisionaries@yahoo.com

If you don't hear from us right away, that means we are either in retreat or out traveling...but please do not give up, we want to do our best to serve you with our art, attention and love.