Your handcrafted piece is made of natural materials, gemstones, seeds, wood, bone etc. Please honor your mala and treat it with respect and care. Please do not swim or shower with your mala. Keep away from water, oils, lotions, full sun etc. Please note that over time the different materials on your mala might fade, which totally adds to the uniqueness of your piece. Keep your mala in a sacred place when not wearing it - under your pillow or on your shrine is a perfect place for it!

Thirdeye Visionaries cannot take responsibility for regular wear and tear of the mala. Please know treat your mala as a living piece, something to keep sacred and to treat well. We make sure that every mala that goes out the door is in excellent shape, but if something is wrong with your mala (other than fading or regular wear and tear), we will for sure assist you. We want you to dance happily through your days and spread your own light…so just get in touch with us if something comes up. 

If your silk tassel gets wrinkly, simply hold the top 1/3 of the tassel between your fingers in a steady grip. Dip the lower 2/3 of the tassel into some tap water for a short moment. Then wring out the water between your fingers, while you keep holding a steady grip on the top part of the tassel. Wring out as much water as you can and then lay flat to dry - in moments you should have a beautiful straight tassel again!

Please keep your mala away from children. Thirdeye Visionaries will not be liable for any claims or expenses arising from the use or situations connected with the mala. As the purchaser, you accept that you are solely responsible for your mala and other individuals in your care while using our products.