Mala wisdom

  • Let it serve you as an active reminder to stop listening to the monkey mind and instead consciously tap back into your intuition and heart space. 
  • Allow your energy field to merge with its. Let your aura get strengthened by its aura. Ask nature's gems to support you and you shall be given. Strengthen yourself to strengthen others.  
  • The shape, the circle of the mala and the  connection between each bead serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of life - the mala represents the garland of life. The mala also reminds us of the cyclical nature of life and our spiritual lessons. There is no beginning and no end to your mala, just as there is no beginning or end to your spirit's life! Wearing the mala helps us keep a higher perspective. 
  • It is a tool for meditation. It is ideal as a japa mala, for recitation of mantra. It helps us stay with our lessons and appreciate the depths of ourselves.
  • The mala holds any intention that you put into it. It supports you in every breath to merge with that intention. 


Recitation of mantra has been used for thousands of years as a vehicle to get closer to the Divine. There are many mantras in each spiritual tradition and once you feel drawn to a certain mantra, or are given one, stick with that particular one and recite only that one for some time. Some people say you stick with one mantra throughout a lifetime, some say that you have to 'feel' it out until you find that one with which you resonate the most. What the mantra does, is that it centers your mind around a particular message/affirmation/vibrational frequency. Once the mantra is so engrained in you that you start embodying that mantra, every cell of your body starts vibrating at that frequency. Your mind/ego will then dissolve more and more, and the state of meditation will be something you can taste. 


When meditating with a mala, you combine Naad yoga (the recitation of sacred sounds), acupressure, gemstone therapy and can embark on a deep meditative journey. The more you sit, the deeper you will go. Where you place your attention is what creates your reality. 

Hold your mala in either hand and start just after the Guru bead. Recite a mantra while holding each bead between the thumb and one of the fingers. Some schools of yoga say to hold it between your thumb and middle finger (most common), while others say that other fingers has certain benefits (see below). You move from one bead to the next with each recitation, while draping the mala over the finger, and use the thumb to pull the beads over the finger toward you. This makes the bead pass over the intended meridian point. After you have completed a full circle of your mala, you will feel the Guru bead, where you can either make a special prayer with the Guru bead and/or turn around and simply start over. 

Different fingers used in mala meditation
There are acupressure points on each of the fingers that work on different parts of the psyche and the brain. When the beads press the meridian points in the finger, you can work on a specific areas. The meridian point you are trying to activate is located on the side of each finger, in the center point between the tip of the finger and the upper knuckle. You will feel that the mala has a tendency to fall into its appropriate placement, it all happens quite naturally.  

The properties of the meridian points for each finger are:

  • Index Finger (Jupiter Finger): Wisdom. Knowledge. Prosperity.
  • Middle Finger (Saturn Finger): Patience.
  • Ring Finger (Sun Finger): Health. Vitality. Strengthen the Nervous System.
  • Little Finger (Mercury Finger): Communication. Intelligence.

Gemstone No Mind Mala - Unconditional Love

Our Malas

Traditionally, malas have been used as a meditation tool, to help the practitioner hold counts while reciting their mantra. The word mala means garland. Garland of life. Without a beginning or end, it represents the cyclical nature of life, the cyclical nature of our individual spirit - until merging with Oneness. And one can even say that it symbolizes the Oneness, how we are all connected, every bead having its place upon the string of existence. The mala is a tool, a wear and a reminder - serving you through the intention of finding balance and strength, devotion and courage to stay on your personal path. 

We like to use gemstones to boost and/or balance what is going on within you. If you are drawn to a certain gemstone, trust that instinct and gut feeling (we would call it intuition) and investigate more what that stone has to offer in terms of properties that can help you find balance. We also do many custom orders to serve at this level, so if you don't find what you need just get in touch with us and we will create something unique for you. 

Chakra related
We offer a series of malas that are created with the intention to support your chakras. We believe that you will pick a mala that you are attracted or drawn to, that will be appropriate for you to wear. Let your higher self guide you. When we are spontaneously drawn to a certain color, we believe that it tells us what chakra we need to strengthen or support with the help of the gemstones of a mala. Let yourself be drawn to a certain piece, without involving your mind of what color would 'suit' you or your wardrobe, and let the mala do its thin. 'Hold the vision, trust the process!'

When you are using a mala as a tool for japa meditation (repetition of mantra), you want to look for a mala that either has space between the beads or that is knotted. We offer a series of knotted malas (as well as stringed malas with space for your fingers moving over its beads in meditation). The knotted malas takes longer to make and is thus far a little bit more expensive. But one might also say that they are even more marinated in the healing vibes of mantra, since we sit with them longer in our sacred space while making them! All of our creations are boosted with love, though these ones have been soaked in the ocean of compassion even longer... 

Natural Materials
Our malas are made of natural materials, such as different kinds of wood, seeds, gemstones, bone - and last but NOT the least, each mala holds much love and gratitude. Some beads come from far away, handpicked during our travels, some have been blessed by teachers and master of the East, some beads come from locals in Colorado, some from even further away. We always research our sources as deeply as we can and our intention is to always use gemstones that are all natural. With that said, we stay away from dyed gemstones, though they can have been heated in order to stabilize them. At this point, the only beads we use that have been dyed are the acai seeds, that are just too cool in a variety of colors. If you have further questions about the material of our malas, please don't hesitate to ask!


If you have old malas that you need re-strung, don't hesitate to contact us and we'd be happy to do the work. 

Custom Orders

We do special orders, so please do not hesitate to contact us to make something very unique for you or your loved ones! Email for more info.

Om mani padme hum - I bow to the jewel in the lotus of the heart
— Buddhist mantra