Thirdeye Visionaries LLC, was founded by Hansa and Jyoti Jacobs, with the intention to shed light on other fellow artists and their inspiring work. On this website you will find various visionaries displayed due to the fact that the website has been created as a hub for those artists to share their expression and light, and as a platform for you to connect with all of us! You will find each artist on their own profile page, as well as links to their official website and/or web shop, where applicable. Some of the artists are selling items through the Thirdeye Visionaries web shop, so make sure you check it out!

You will also find Hansa & Jyoti's most updated yoga and meditation schedule, as well as our photography portfolios as a reference for photography gigs, on this website. If any questions or comments, please contact us through





Global Visionaries

On this website you will find numerous other visionaries, artists and individuals that are golden examples of people expressing their inner essence. These are visionaries we hope will inspire YOU to find your own way, find YOUR own expression and connection.

You will find profiles of these wonderful fellow souls on this website, as well as pictures of their creative expression, contact information and links to their websites and/or web shops where applicable.

We hope this website and collective will be nurturing and exciting, and that it will strengthen the network of fellow soul searchers, heart-people and light workers! 

Yoga & Meditation

In our sessions we go back to the basics, the roots, and go deep within, attending to our body language through asanas (poses) and expanding through pranayamas (breath work) and applying tools to still the mind in our meditations. Together we will create a zone where everyone is free to be who we truly are and work towards recognition of our own inner truth. All levels welcome. Come with an open mind and open heart...

PRIVATE CLASSES - If you are interested in private yoga and/or meditation classes - please get in touch with us and we'd be happy to tailor something for you!

See the most updated schedule under 'yoga and meditation' here on the website - or contact us through 


Photography Services

Hansa & Jyoti work as a duo to capture important moments of your life, as well as do private photo shoots. We do Portraits and Senior pictures, Weddings, Baby pictures, Events and Festivals, Nature and Adventure name a few types of gigs.

For glimpses of our work please check our portfolios under the Photography tab.

For price packages and more information, please email 


No Mind Malas

We create beautiful spiritual jewelry that are made with the intention to boost and balance you, to support you on your personal journey towards complete balance and contentment. The malas are unique and made in a conscious and loving atmosphere, boosted with love and light. These special malas (prayer beads) are to remind you of your path, remind you of your heart space and to help you dive back into that space. 

Please check out the Mala tab for more information, or contact us for custom orders. 


Web shop

In the web shop on this site you will find yoga and meditation apparel, prints and originals of photography and fine art, spiritual jewelry and No Mind Malas, conscious clothing, quote magnets, notebooks, knitted and crocheted goods, inspirational gifts of all kinds! 

SURPRISE GIFT - Once you have done a purchase through us, we would love to hear from you again. Take a picture of yourself with the Thirdeye Visionaries item you purchased and we will send you a surprise gift in exchange for letting us use your photo on the website.