Namaste  - The puruksha in us honors the inner light and awareness in You 

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu  -  May All Beings Be Happy and Free

Why Yoga & Meditation?

If there was one thing we would consider our mission, it would be to spread happiness, peace and love throughout the world. It would be to help people find balance. And the only way we can really do that is through the means of the path that we personally know, and with the tools that can be applied from that philosophy and lifestyle. We consider ourselves dedicated yogis, open minded and open hearted, non-dogmatic, students of life, lovers of life, and we are humble at heart. We are constantly absorbed in our own practice, peeling layers of our conditioning, yet feel that we want to share what has really affected our own lives and what has brought about more balance and insight.

This is why we guide others in yoga and meditation, not because we are teachers (we are all students until the end of time!), but because we believe in sharing our experiences and listen and learn from others. It is all about the expression, the exchange, and all opportunities for growth - for all parties involved. So, in short, our mission is to help people grow, help any and all to find balance and inner peace, to empower individuals, but also to beautify our surroundings and support Mother Earth. Some of our frequent words of contemplation: balance, nourishment, healing, empowerment, beautification, inspiration, learning, nature, connection, heart space, silence, stillness, intuition, receptivity, openness, resistance, compassion, unconditional love, seva...and on it goes! 

Our mission is to gracefully embody yoga and its principles. Our devotion, the way we live our lives and the way we aspire to share what we know, is all part of a masterpiece of art - called conscious living. Everyone can embark upon the path of conscious living, and we invite anyone and everyone to find their own way on their personal journey towards freedom and inner peace. 

Vipassana Meditation

One thing we both recommend to ANYONE, is a 10-day silent retreat to just dive within, under guidance. Taking a chunk of time to just listen into the profound silence within oneself is one of the most powerful and enlightening experiences we've personally had. So we recommend this to any and all... After a few courses, when you've got the technique down, you can do your own retreats, or contact us and we'll facilitate a retreat for you!

Extended periods in silence where you are given the opportunity to really dive within, while being in a very supportive setting, has opened up a lot in both Hansa and Jyoti. We recommend the Vipassana courses (given in the same fashion all over the world, donation based, through since it is a completely non-religious practice that is designed for any and all soul-seekers. These kinds of courses was our foundation and first steps in the jungle of meditation, but we personally tend to go back to its practices every so often. 

Such silent retreats requires devotion towards yourself and willpower to go through the 10 days. It takes eagerness to learn about yourself and it takes courage to face everything that arises. But we can testify to the fact that there is magic held within such an empowering experience as 10 days of complete silence and introspection. If we can do can do it!

Have your yoga practice anchor in qualities of honoring, reverence, humility, devotion, love and celebration. When we bring these qualities into our physical yoga practice, our practice then becomes a full body prayer - a devotional offering of gratitude to Source, continually reaffirming the beauty, magic, joy and mystery of existence.
— Govindas

Our classes

Our goal is to create a space where everyone can go into their own little bubble and explore the depths of themselves. Yoga is a highly spiritual practice to us and we try to invite others to find that for themselves. We invite everyone to operate from a place of deep stillness and to observe whatever arises throughout the practice. Staying as a witness and becoming one with our breath a major focus. We use the asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath work) to cultivate an expanded awareness through what we feel is truly a moving meditation. We also apply dristhi (focus point), bandhas (energy locks), and bring in topics of yoga philosophy in the practice we share.  


- Discover the Connection between your Breath, Body and Inner Divine

Some classes are held at the Ridgway Yoga Shala - and some are outside, at the Gazebo across the street from Chipeta Lodge facing the soccer fields - Ridgway, Colorado. Check the dates below for more info on each class location. 

Drop-in & Donation-based
Guided by Hansa

These classes serves as an introduction to, and deeply inspired by, the Ashtanga Yoga lineage, where the emphasis is on the eight limbs of yoga. During these classes we will dive into poses included in the Primary Series and look at its fundamental poses at depth. When working with the same sequence, we will get the opportunity to get really familiar with the poses, work with alignment, learn the breathing technique where we tap into a graceful flow of prana while being absorbed in our moving practice. With this physically quite demanding practice we will also train the mind at depth, observing and befriending whatever arises. We will establish a strong connection to our Ujjaji breath, and also work with our drishti and bandhas to reach the depths and glory of our own true nature. 

Welcomes beginners to ashtanga, but suggests previous yoga experience. 

The beauty of practicing in the gazebo is the amazing views of the Ouray Valley, being outdoors in the elements and being challenged to go even deeper within. Please dress comfortably and appropriate to the weather. Come with an open heart and and open mind!



WEDNESDAY, 15 JULY: 6:30-8:30 pm - Ashtanga @ Ridgway Yoga Shala

FRIDAY, 17 JULY: 5:30-7 pm - Restorative @ Gazebo by Chipeta Lodges

SUNDAY, 19 JULY: 10am-Noon - Ashtanga @ Gazebo by Chipeta Lodges

WEDNESDAY, 22 JULY: 6:30-8:30 pm - Ashtanga @ Ridgway Yoga Shala

FRIDAY, 24 JULY: 5:30-7 pm - Restorative @ Gazebo by Chipeta Lodges

SUNDAY, 26 JULY: 10am-Noon - Ashtanga @ Gazebo by Chipeta Lodges

Dedication, Devotion, Patience, Love and Gratitude

Hansa and Jyoti

Hansa is a dedicated yogi with her heart in nature. Finding balance between the inner and outer world, exploring both spaces with awe and wonder and applying the yogic principles to map out the journey has been her personal focus for some time now. Simplification, moderation, purification and connectedness are key concepts in her life. She has a public health background and received her formal hatha yoga training while living in India. She views yoga as a lifestyle, including postures, breath work, mindful diet, contemplation and meditation, and service to others. Experiencing the power of a yogic practice and related philosophies has led her to teach and share, supporting others on their journey to find balance.

Jyoti dives into the teachings on finding truth, finding balance, finding source - written or spoken lectures - as well as through his personal sadhana (practice) that teaches him through experience. He has a beautiful ability to digest and interpret these teachings into his contemporary context and he constantly shares the insights with people around him. He is always searching for knowledge and expanding his vision, challenging previous belief systems, shedding layers of conditioning and broadening his understanding through satsangs as well as through direct experience applying yogic practices and meditation into his daily routine. Jyoti is a contemplative man who looks into the underlying nature of everything, every-thing, every-being, every part of creation. He houses a beautiful spirit and conveys his visions through art and photography, as well as through his guided meditation sessions.